Unlock a world where your wardrobe is more than just a collection of clothes; it’s a reflection of your confidence, your individuality, and your unique story. If you’ve ever found yourself staring into a closet full of options and feeling like you have nothing to wear, you’re not alone. I’m here to turn that frustration into excitement, and those ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments into a daily celebration of your personal style. Let’s redefine your wardrobe, your confidence, and ultimately, your outlook on each day. Welcome to a transformation that goes beyond fashion—it’s a journey to rediscover and embrace the truest version of you.

Great style, is your untapped superpower. It’s the key to gaining a distinct edge over everyone else. Surprisingly, only a few truly grasp the profound impact great style can have on their lives. It goes beyond enhancing your self-perception; it shapes how others perceive and engage with you, whether in the workplace, on a date, or in your daily encounters.

Consider this: What single action could you take today that would drastically transform how you perceive and present yourself? Identifying that one thing is a challenge. Many transformations, such as weight loss, fitness, career changes, or finding the perfect partner, typically demand substantial time and effort. But what if I told you that a single session with me could set in motion a cascade of changes, making you look and feel amazing instantly!

Let’s be honest – summoning the motivation to eat better and exercise becomes daunting when faced with a reflection in the mirror that seems like a mountain to climb. Successful dating or job hunting requires a significant dose of self-confidence. If you’re not feeling it when you gaze at yourself, rest assured others won’t either. The key to fostering self-belief is to transform the image in the mirror. My role is to ensure that the person looking back at you exudes a million-dollar vibe, regardless of age, shape, or size.

Great style is an art form. While some individuals may seem to effortlessly ‘have it,’ what meets the eye is often the result of hours of thought, research, and practice. The disparity between them and you lies in their commitment to their image. They invest time in contemplating and planning their wardrobe, leaving no room for last-minute panics or wardrobe crises. It’s a daily commitment to meticulous execution, a Beckham-style approach. Don’t fret; we can’t all be like Beckham, but I can alleviate the stress of morning dressing, guiding you toward a wardrobe you love and anticipate wearing every day.

Intrigued? Here’s how you can embark on this style journey with me.

Work With Me

Imagine waking up every morning with a wardrobe that not only reflects your unique style but also empowers you to face the day with confidence. Your personal style is a powerful expression of who you are, and yet, navigating through endless choices can be overwhelming. That’s where I come in. Welcome to a world where your style journey is not just about clothes, but a transformative experience tailored exclusively for you. Let’s embark on a journey to discover, refine, and elevate your personal style together.

I’m passionate about helping people to transform the way they look and I believe everyone should have the opportunity to look and feel good every day.  Therefore, I provide a number of styling packages tailored to meet your transformation needs and budget:

1. Wardrobe Detox & Style Direction

If you already have an extensive wardrobe but never seem to have anything to wear, a good place to start is by decluttering it.  I will not only help you streamline your clothes, so you only keep items which suit your shape and lifestyle now, but also give you invaluable insight into new outfit combinations from the items you already own.  Think of it as breathing new life into your wardrobe before you’ve put one foot in a shop.  In fact, you may not even need to shop at all.  There is nothing more exciting than finding a new way to wear something you already have. 

By the end of the session, you will have a clear style direction, know what styles, shapes and colours suit you best and have an edited list of recommended items required to fill any gaps in your wardrobe, if required. 

You might think this is something you can do on your own, but the bottom line is, if you could, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.  As much as we all hate to admit it, sometimes, no actually most times, it pays to get the help of an expert.  You may even be able to recoup the cost of the session by selling the clothes of value you have sitting in your closet.  Its a win-win and one investment that will always repay you with dividends.

2. Style Consultation & Shopping Day

This service is for clients that need a new season update, or style overhaul.  Before we hit the shops, I always start with an in-depth style consultation via video so I can really get to know you and understand your needs.  Are you a logo person, or do you prefer unfussy tailored pieces?  Colour or a neutral palette?  There is no right or wrong and what I like is certainly irrelevant.  My job is to understand your style and visualise how I can progress and/or improve your look.  And can I just say how much I love coming up with ideas and sourcing pieces that take an idea in my head and turn into reality.  It’s the best part of my job. 

After our in-depth chat I will research the best brands that suit your brief and most importantly budget.  Then I start planning your VIP shopping day, booking styling suites where I can to ensure you have a luxury experience that takes all the stress and frustration out of a normal shopping trip.  I always try to create a cohesive capsule that’s easy to mix and match but that also excites you to wear it.  After all, getting dressed every day should be and is fun when you have a wardrobe that’s really working for you.   

Note: All shopping trips take place in central London. 

3. VIP Styling Packages (3 & 6 Months Packages Available)

This package is for clients who have busy social calendars that require more than just a one-off shopping trip.  Through a minimum commitment of one season, spanning 3 or 6 months, I devote myself to structuring, executing, and managing your personal image. By diving into every aspect of your wardrobe, from the clothes you currently own to the colours you wear, I meticulously analyse and assess your unique style landscape.

My VIP transformation packages are designed to deliver exceptional results. These packages offer a complete and immersive experience that will elevate your personal style to another level.  Your investment includes an initial style consultation, exploring your style aspirations and defining your unique vision. Next, a full wardrobe edit will be carried out spanning 1 to 3 sessions, depending on the size of your wardrobe. During this process, we’ll declutter, organise, and breathe new life into your existing collection.& 6 Month Packages Available)

Following this, to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience, you’ll have unlimited access to in-person and/or online shopping trips as required, where I’ll source the perfect pieces to complement your style identity. From outfit building to ongoing wardrobe management, I’ll be there every step of the way to provide guidance and support.

In addition, as a VIP client, you’ll also have 24/7 access to me through email and WhatsApp, ensuring your questions and style needs are addressed promptly and efficiently.

4. Online Style Consultation & Capsule Wardrobe Edit

This is an online style consultation for clients who either don’t live in the UK or don’t have the budget for my in-person services.  Following an in-depth questionnaire, via video, I will provide guidance and advice as to styles and looks that would suit you best.  Then I will pull together a ‘Style Prescription’ with suggested brands and a capsule edit of items for purchase to suit your budget and lifestyle. 

5. ‘How To Be Style Confident’ Online Course

If you want to learn the art of personal style in your own time, on your own terms, then my How-To-Be-Style-Confident online course is the perfect solution.  This course will give you a great foundation on which to build your own style identity.  Perfect for anyone starting out in the corporate world or looking to reinvent their image.  

Please note that all my fees are exclusive of VAT and any applicable travel charges outside of London and the M25 area.

Drop me an email and lets discuss how I can support your transformation journey.



“I had never used the services of a stylist or clothing expert in my life! I thought I had a good sense of my own style and have always been fascinated by fashion. However, being a mother and a change in career direction meant I devoted little time to actually choosing and styling my own clothes. Despite having many clothes in my wardrobe, I found myself sticking to the same safe basics, and many of my items were not seeing the light of day. I was also hiding under a sea of beige and grey jumpers, whether on the school run or at a work meeting. Working with Nicky was a revelation. She helped me declutter my wardrobe entirely through my own free will, and once I started, I realised I was drowning in repeat purchases and cheaper disposable items, alongside higher-value unworn but adored pieces. Nicky helped me remove the clutter, leaving me with a beautifully arranged wardrobe of my most coveted items and, hallelujah, space for new clothes from our thrilling shopping trips that followed! She taught me to dress for my shape, highlighting that I had a waist and legs that deserved to be styled, not hidden. With her help, I recovered a long-lost confidence. I was a cynic but am now a convert. Her 6-month style transformation program was the best investment I ever made. She completely changed the way I see myself in the mirror. Above all, she has equipped me with the tools to make future styling and purchase decisions with a sense of my true style that had been lost. That girl has returned, and a fully functioning wardrobe has been unveiled in the process. I now feel like I can conquer the world. Thank you, Nicky, above and beyond.”


“Working with Nicky was a fantastic experience. The selection of clothes and their integration into my leisure wardrobe was done with great sensitivity and expertise, considering the preferences I had expressed in advance. The colours, styles, and textures were just right, resulting in an ensemble that is classic yet modish, ensuring longevity and timeless appeal. I felt like I was in very safe hands and enjoyed every moment I spent with Nicky over the past 6 months. The only problem is, I’m not sure I want to stop working with her, as she has made getting dressed in the morning not just a pleasure but a joy.”

Phil Spencer, TV Presenter

“Nicky is fantastic at what she does. She has an innate ability to understand what I am looking to achieve, along with what works on me and what doesn’t. I would recommend her styling services to anyone. Working with her not only means you dress much better but also saves a significant amount of time and money along the way. Never before have I signed a check for professional services quite so happily!”


“Nicky is incredibly knowledgeable, and I’ve learned so much from working with her. From the latest trends to dressing for my body shape, styling colours and prints, and putting together a complete outfit and capsule wardrobe, she has guided me through it all. It has been a fast-paced and intense experience, but I have so many wonderful outfits to show for it. Knowing that she’s always available for any questions or issues was invaluable, as it meant there wasn’t a day when I didn’t feel good in what I was wearing.”


“Nicky has put her unique and individual touch on every styling session we had. She is incredibly knowledgeable and, more importantly, approachable. She made me realise I need to embrace my own style and express myself, and she has helped me achieve an entirely new style identity that I am so happy with. Above all, she has been a huge influence in believing in myself and helping me go after the job I want. This is the best investment I’ve ever made.”


“Working with Nicky has completely exceeded my expectations. Her undeniable expertise and wonderful personality instil a confidence and excitement that make me believe I can achieve anything while making me look and feel like a million dollars at the same time. I can’t thank you enough.”


“Nicky was wonderful. She put me fully at ease, and at no time did I feel rushed or pressured to make a decision. With her knowledge of what’s actually in the shops, available, and on-trend, there’s no possibility of slipping back into the same safe, unchallenging, or miss-styled clothes that I would normally find myself reaching for. I’m so glad I made this investment in myself, as it has been a truly transformational experience, and I feel like a new person.”


“To have Nicky on tap as my stylist for the past 6 months has been absolutely life changing. I had a summer full of social events and weddings and felt overwhelmed at the prospect of sourcing outfits for everything. I have a busy job and family life and very little time for myself. Nicky took control of my wardrobe, taking into account my style but equally pushing me out of my comfort zone. She sourced and styled me in outfits for each occassion from head to toe. I didnt have to think about anything other than getting dressed on the day. I have never looked as good and felt as comfortable and confident in everything I wore. You simply can’t put a price on that!”


“Thank you for bringing out the ‘me’ that I had lost, hidden under all the black layers! I’m on such a high and so grateful. I now feel like I can achieve anything. This is the best investment I’ve ever made, and it’s just the beginning.”


“As a mother, it’s often said, but unfortunately true, that you tend to lose your identity, especially if you’re not working and are away from the fashion scene, with little time to do something about it. You feel like you have become background scenery, mostly overlooked by people. As you get a bit older, you also fear making a fashion faux pas when you go shopping without guidance. You need help to put yourself back on track, someone who sees you more objectively and without all the insecurities we burden ourselves with. Nicky’s confidence is contagious and empowering. To say I feel like a new person is not an exaggeration. Before I started working with Nicky, I couldn’t face the thought of going back to my career in law, but now I feel I have the wardrobe to help me transition back to the career woman I used to be.”


“Having the opportunity to work with Nicky in person has been amazing. As someone who used to watch ’10 Years Younger’ on TV in my youth, I would never have imagined that I would personally be styled by the Makeover Queen herself. Thank you, Nicky, for your kindness, support, and advice. I will continue to embrace my style transformation and live my best life!”

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